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Curriculum for Addiciton Professionals
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Competency 4: Prevention

Matching Activity

Match the word or term in column A with the appropriate description in column B.

Type letter from column A into correct answer box in column B.

Column AColumn B
A) Institute of Medicine’s three-pronged approach to preventionParent-Child Assistance Program, a case management program
B) Domains for risk and protective factorsUniversal, Selective, Indicated
C) T-ACEDenial, fear of losing child, lack of flexible services, cost
D) FRAMESMinimize risk factors and maximize protective factors
E) P-CAPSix key elements for effectively assisting persons with at-risk or problem drinking
F) Purpose of prevention interventionsIndividual, peers, family, school/work, community, society
G) Barriers for women seeking treatmentAn effective screening tool for identifying pregnant women at risk for problem drinking

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