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Competency 4: Prevention

Test Your Knowledge Questions: Posttest

Posttests are designed to gauge what you've learned by reading the competency. Click in the circle or box next to the correct answer. Circles indicate that only one correct answer is possible. Boxes indicate that more than one correct answer is possible.

1. Women with substance abuse problems often have an array of needs that cannot be addressed by a single service provider.

2. Parent-Child Assistance Program (P-CAP) is an intensive play therapy program.

3. The Institute of Medicine recommends that any health care provider who encounters a woman who is abusing alcohol consider which of the following:

4. Protective factors increase the chances of engaging in harmful behaviors.

5. Which of the following organizations provide prevention resources:
Select all that apply.

6. Critical treatment components for women include:
Select all that apply.

7. Building healthy peer and family relationships are important issues for women in recovery.

8. Which of the following is a barrier for women seeking treatment?

9. Which government agency has an online treatment facility locator that can be used to identify appropriate programs and facilities?

10. Warning labels on alcoholic beverages have the same effect on light drinkers and heavy drinkers.

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