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Training and Technical Assistance (TA)

1. Can you explain the differences between training and Technical Assistance (TA)?

Training may be provided in in-person or remote formats and may include a range of focuses including: workforce development, strategic planning, practice/behavior change, systems change, and train the trainers.  Click here for the Training Request Form.

Technical assistance (TA) is any assistance provided to enhance the knowledge, abilities, and program / system development of families, agencies, communities, States, and others. Technical Assistance may take the form of telephone calls, e-mails, and/or in person work to address a specific issue. Click here for the Technical Assistance Request Form.

2. Is the FASD Center for Excellence able to fulfill all requests for training and TA?

Current training and technical assistance provided by the Center are limited in scope and number. The Center reviews all requests received, but only has a few reserved slots for in-person training and technical assistance visits. As a result, please be prepared that you may receive alternative recommendations that may include referrals to other sources, webinars if topics match your requested needs, or links to relevant information and resources.

3. What types of Training/TA are offered?

Because the number of in-person visits is limited, available types of training/TA will be approved based on the Center's assessment of the requestor's need, readiness, and the estimated impact of the training or technical assistance.

For those types of requests that are not able to be addressed, the Center is working hard to develop alternative mechanisms of assistance. For example, we plan to highlight resources and provide new mechanisms on our Web site to increase the availability of information to the public and others.

The following TA Impact Fact Sheets capture some of the key recommendations resulting from past technical assistance events and may be helpful resources for states who want to increase capacity to address FASD, residential treatment providers who are interested in enhancing services for women who may have an FASD, and service delivery systems who are interested in evidence-based FASD prevention strategies:

In addition, we will be introducing a new segment of our Web site that focuses on “Ask the Expert.” Please check monthly for the featured topic and information. Finally, we will be introducing a series of Webinars on a range of topics that address common interests and concerns. Check the Web site for ongoing announcements on topics and schedules.

4. Need assistance with a submission?

The Center will be happy to help and answer any questions you have. We respond to every request within three (3) business days. If you do not hear from us within that time, please call 1-866-786-7327 as we may be experiencing technical difficulties. Center staff is available Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm ET, at 1-866-786-7327, or by e-mail at

5. To whom does the Center provide training and TA?

The FASD Center for Excellence provides training and TA to a wide variety of audiences, including the general public, service providers, states/tribes, communities, systems of care, women (pre-conception, pregnant, and post-partum), and individuals with an FASD and their families.

6. Will the training or TA be targeted to our needs?

If approved, all training and TA is customized to address the audiences’ specific needs and readiness. All of our training and TA services are designed to maximize impact and include telephone and computer follow-up to reinforce knowledge and sustain new practices.

7. How do I request these services?

To request training or TA, you need to complete and return the appropriate request form (above). A representative from the FASD Center for Excellence will contact you within three (3) working days. All requests to the FASD Center for Excellence need to be approved by an official at SAMHSA. If you do not receive a confirmation within three (3) working days that your form has been received, please contact us at

8. If we have identified a trainer with FASD knowledge in our area, will the FASD Center for Excellence pay for that person to conduct training?

No. While the FASD Center for Excellence does cover the costs of trainers who are assigned by the Center to provide training that is approved by SAMHSA, we are not able to pay for outside trainers as a stand-alone request.

9. What if I want information about FASD?

For general information about FASD, please contact the FASD Center for Excellence at or call our toll free number 1-866-STOPFAS (1-866-786-7327).