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The FASD Center


FASLink Fetal Alcohol Disorders Society Exit Disclaimer Graphic

FASLink provides information on FASD and an online support group of individuals with and FASD, parents and caregivers of those affected by an FASD and professionals working with FASD. Their online support group membership is concentrated in Canada and the U.S., but they have welcomed people from around the world.

Alcohol and Substance Use in Pregnancy Helpline Exit Disclaimer Graphic


Run by Motherisk and the Hospital for Sick Children, the Helpline answers questions and concerns related to alcohol and drug use during pregnancy and lactation via a toll free in Canada phone number. They provide information, counseling, and referrals for FAS at Motherisk Clinics.

Canada Northwest FASD Partnership (CNFASDP; formerly the Prairie Northern Pacific FASD Partnership)

The CNFASDP is a partnership between the seven western provinces and territories in Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunavut Territory, and Yukon Territory. Through this initiative, the provincial/territorial partners are able to learn from one another, and share expertise and resources. Joint conferences and symposiums are also held.

FASD Information & Consultation Service Exit Disclaimer Graphic

Toll-free in Canada: 1-800-559-4514; or 613-235-4048, ext. 223

The FASD Information & Consultation Service is a reference desk staffed by a bilingual information specialist. It can be accessed by fax, e-mail, and written request, or across Canada through toll-free phone numbers. Funded through Public Health Agency of Canada's FAS/FAE Strategic Project Fund, the database features resources that have been authored, produced, or published in Canada, or that have Canadian content.

FASworld Canada Exit Disclaimer Graphic

FASworld is an international alliance of parents and professionals who do not want to see any more children, teenagers, and adults struggle with birth defects caused by alcohol consumption during pregnancy. FASworld Canada is a pro-active, non-profit organization dedicated to the significant reduction of the incidence of FASD and is committed to building public awareness, reducing the incidence of secondary disabilities, providing support and information to parents, caregivers, and professionals dealing with FASD as well as individuals living with FASD, and encouraging new policies and programs to support those effected by an FASD.

The Public Health Agency of Canada Exit Disclaimer Graphic

The Public Health Agency of Canada oversees two major FASD initiatives, the Pan Canadian FASD Initiative and the First Nations and Inuit FASD (FNIHB) Program. The Pan Canadian FASD Initiative seeks to prevent FASD and improve outcomes for those living with an FASD. The goals of the FNIHB Program are to prevent FASD and increase the knowledge, skills, and quality of life for individuals with an FASD and their family members. The FNIHB Program seeks to raise awareness, reach those at risk, work with those impacted by FASD, and create linkages to appropriate supports.

Pauktuutit Exit Disclaimer Graphic

Pauktuutit develops resources and provides educational awareness on FASD for Inuit communities. Pauktuutit fosters greater awareness of the needs of Inuit women, advocates for equity and social improvements, and encourages their participation in the community, regional, and national life of Canada.

In addition:
  • The Great FASD Horseback Ride Across Canada took place in 2007.

  • The 7th Annual Tom's Walk for FASD Awareness was held in April 2008 to raise money to support the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Treatment and Education Centre (FASTEC) and to create public awareness about the disorder.

  • The Canada Northwest FASD Partnership Conference was held in May 2008 in Banff, Alberta. The purpose of the conference was to bring professionals, families, and service providers working or living with individuals with FASD together to share experiences, enhance partnerships, and build on existing strengths.

  • The 9th FACE Research Roundtable will be held on September 9, 2008 in Montreal, Quebec.

  • The 3rd International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Integrating Research, Policy, and Promising Practice Around the World: A Catalyst for Change will be held in March 2009 in Victoria, British Columbia.

  • The Brewers Association of Canada put up $1 million to launch the Canadian Foundation on Fetal Alcohol Research Exit Disclaimer Graphic. The organization will fund two research projects per year related to FASD. The foundation will work through a virtual office and is restricted to Canadian researchers.

  • FASD Ontario Justice Committee (members of the FASD Stakeholders of Ontario) launched a web site Exit Disclaimer Graphic in 2007 with funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada, as a resource for justice system professionals and others who are grappling to understand FASD. This site contains case law, legal resources, background information, and practical tips.