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FASD in Review

The FASD Center


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Ireland Exit Disclaimer Graphic

This association is dedicated to providing information and raising awareness about FASD, helping to reduce the incidence of birth defects and neurological damage caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol, and supporting families, caregivers, and individuals struggling with the lifelong disabilities associated with FASD.

Researchers in Ireland have identified a startling prevalence of alcohol consumption among pregnant women. The Coombe Women's Hospital Study of Alcohol, Smoking and Illicit Drug Use, 1988-2005 examined data from 125,945 women and found an incredible 79 per cent of Irish-born women attending the hospital at which the study was based drank alcohol during their pregnancy, compared to 68 percent of women from other countries in the European Union (EU) and just 26 percent of women born outside the EU. Medical News Today has published an article on the findings at Exit Disclaimer Graphic.