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The FASD Center

Réunion Island

Réunion Island is an overseas French county situated in the Indian Ocean between Mauritius Island and Madagascar Island. Its 700,000 residents represent several nations and ethnicities: European Caucasian, Chinese, Indian Muslim, Indian Hindu, Black African, and Creole. Epidemiological investigations since 1996 have confirmed the high frequency of pregnancies with alcoholism (more than 5 percent), with a significant number (at least 1 per thousand births) of children with FAS and an even greater number (at least 6 per thousand births) of children at risk for FAE. Accordingly, the prevention of FASD on the island has become an official health priority, with media advertising campaigns directed at the general population and medical workers.

Dr. Thierry Maillard of RÉUNISAF (see France for more information) has indicated that the island will be holding special events to mark September 9, and is launching an FASD prevention program. An extensive series of seminars will be conducted around the country, and a special FASD benefit concert in neighboring Madagascar is being planned.