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FASD in Review


Recovering Hope:
Mothers Speak Out About Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Format: DVD
Length: 60m.

Recovering Hope: Mothers Speak Out About Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders tells the poignant story of women who used alcohol during pregnancy, and the effects this had on their children. The experiences these women share are supported by expert clinicians and researchers who talk about the various disabilities associated with FASD, and the evaluation and intervention services that are available.

These brave mothers have shared their stories with SAMHSA’s FASD Center for Excellence so that other women will see the value of being alcohol-free during pregnancy. The award-winning hour-long video is divided into two half-hour segments to allow discussion time within treatment sessions. The video package includes a brochure that helps counselors or facilitators prepare to show and talk about the video, and a second brochure to distribute to women after they have seen and discussed the video. Additional audiences may also benefit from these materials, including family members, as well as members of support groups for women who have completed treatment.

To order your free copy of Recovering Hope, call SAMHSA's Store at 1-877-SAMHSA-7 or visit their Web site to order online.

To view this video online, go to SAMHSA's YouTube page at

Awards Won

FREDDIE Award, 2005
(Behavioral Health category)

Mercury Award, 2005
(Promotional/Documentary category)

Gold Screen Award, 2005
(Documentary category)