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State Laws Related to Posting of Alcohol Warnings at Point of Sale

Other Laws Related to Warnings

In an effort to raise awareness about the dangers of alcohol use during pregnancy, 19 States and the District of Columbia have enacted laws requiring warnings at the point of sale, including bars and restaurants. Studies show that the signs raise awareness and may reduce alcohol consumption among light to moderate drinkers. Links to the legislation are provided where available.

The following States and the District of Columbia have laws requiring warnings to be posted at the point of sale about the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

State Statute
Alaska Sec. 04.21.065 Exit Disclaimer Graphic. Posting of warning signs.
Arizona 4-261 Exit Disclaimer Graphic. Warning signs; consumption of spirituous liquor during pregnancy; composition of signs; rules; inspection of premises; penalty.
California 25249.6 Required Warning Before Exposure To Chemicals Known to Cause Cancer Or Reproductive Toxicity.
District of Columbia Sec. 25-712. Warning signs regarding dangers of alcohol consumption during pregnancy required.
Delaware Title 4 Sec. 903. Offenses carrying penalty of fine of not more than $100 or imprisonment for 1 month on failure to pay fine.
Georgia 3-1-5 Exit Disclaimer Graphic. Georgia Alcoholic Beverage Code
Illinois 235 ILCS 5/6-24a Exit Disclaimer Graphic. Sec. 6-24a. Display of birth defects warning signs.
Kentucky 243.895 Exit Disclaimer Graphic PDF icon. Warning of dangers of drinking alcoholic beverages during pregnancy to be posted -- Penalty.
Minnesota 340A.410 Exit Disclaimer Graphic. License restrictions; general.
Missouri 311.299. Warning sign displayed, liquor licenses -- violations.
Nebraska 53-148.01. Retail licensee; warning sign; commission; duties.
New Hampshire 175:4 Exit Disclaimer Graphic. Advertising.
New Jersey TITLE 33 INTOXICATING LIQUORS. 33:1-12a Exit Disclaimer Graphic. Posting of notice required.
New Mexico 60-6A-30. Posting of warnings.
New York ABC Artile 8, Sec. 105-b. Posting of certain signs.
Oregon 471.551 Exit Disclaimer Graphic. Warning signs required; contents; size; display.
South Dakota 35-4-99. Display of health warning sign -- Violation as petty offense. 35-4-100. Health warning sign -- Contents -- Copy provided to licensees.
Tennessee 57-1-211. Warning signs at retail establishments.
Washington RCW 66.16.110. Birth defects from alcohol -- Warning required.
West Virginia §60-6-25. Mandatory signs to be posted warning of the possible dangers of consumption of alcohol during pregnancy.

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Other Laws Related to Warnings

The following States require warnings about alcohol and pregnancy to be provided in venues. Besides point of sale, such as through county clerks issuing marriage licenses.

State Statute
Alaska Sec. 18.05.037 Exit Disclaimer Graphic. Fetal health effects information.
Sec. 25.05.111 Exit Disclaimer Graphic. Issuance of license.
Delaware TITLE 16 Exit Disclaimer Graphic. Health and Safety: PART I. Local Boards of Health; Health Programs. CHAPTER 1. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES. Subchapter VIII. Warnings to Pregnant Women. Sec. 190. Required warning of possible use effects of alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, heroin or other narcotics.
Title 24. Professions and Occupations. CHAPTER 17. MEDICAL PRACTICES ACT. Subchapter VI. General Provisions. Sec. 1770. Required warning of possible use effects of alcohol, locaine, marijuana, heroin or other narcotics.
Hawaii Sec. 572-5 Exit Disclaimer Graphic. Marriage license; agent to grant; fee
Illinois 750 ILCS 5/203. Sec. 203 Exit Disclaimer Graphic. License to Marry.

Kentucky 311.378 Exit Disclaimer Graphic PDF icon Warning of dangers of drinking alcoholic beverages during pregnancy to be posted -- Penalty (physician's offices).
Missouri 191.725 Exit Disclaimer Graphic. Physician to counsel pregnant patients on effects of cigarettes, alcohol and controlled substances -- certifying form to be signed by patient on counseling -- educational materials to be furnished to physicians.
New Hampshire CHAPTER 132 Exit Disclaimer Graphic. PROTECTION FOR MATERNITY AND INFANCY. Section 132:2. Duties.
TITLE XLIII Exit Disclaimer Graphic. DOMESTIC RELATIONS. CHAPTER 457. MARRIAGES. Documentation of Marriages. Section 457:23. Requirements.
New York Sec. 200.13. Adulteration of food.
Oregon 106.081 Exit Disclaimer Graphic. County clerk to distribute fetal alcohol syndrome pamphlets to marriage license applicants.
Rhode Island Sec. 15-2-3.1 Exit Disclaimer Graphic. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome warning law.
South Dakota 34-23B-1. Prenatal effects of drug and alcohol use.
Wisconsin 765.12 Exit Disclaimer Graphic. Marriage license, when authorized; corrections; contents.
46.03(34) Exit Disclaimer Graphic. Fetal alcohol syndrome and drug danger pamphlets.

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